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Alliance News Ltd

Blackfriars Foundry, Unit 204
154-156 Blackfriars Road

Founded in 2013, Alliance News is a new company with an old mission: to report on companies, markets and economics for UK investors and their advisers at the same pace as finance itself operates.

We uncover news and check facts while there is still money to be made.

There is a lot of business news around, but much of it is of little use at the point of trade. It may be too late. Too long to read when time is short. Or flat out wrong. It also tends to be about the same well-known companies over and over again.

The ALLNewsTeam brings well over 50 years of financial news and technology experience to bear on the problem. We’ve experienced firsthand what works and what doesn’t.

Our reporters and editors focus on speed and accuracy. We are new but already are building a reputation for reliability. We cover smaller UK companies that make better investments than newspaper headlines, while not neglecting FTSE 100 stocks or the wider global economy.

We also know that if you can’t find a story, or didn’t see it because there was too much headline clutter, it may as well not have been written. Sensible content tagging – including identifying the primary company mentioned in a news story – is central to our Editorial Policy. Our London Newsroom is here to serve the financial community.

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