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Arts Professional Media Ltd

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14/15 Orwell House
Cowley Road

ArtsProfessional was launched in May 2001 as a B2B print magazine serving the people and organisations working in the arts and cultural sector. Since May 2013 it has been published online only and the website at has grown in popularity and profile, now reaching average monthly website visitors numbering around 60,000.

The purpose of all our editorial activity is to support arts professionals by keeping them up to date and in the know about issues, trends and events that affect their working lives.

To do this, our editorial team performs two main roles. We provide a specialist news service of interest to people working in the arts sector; and we write and commission features that shine a light on the work they are doing across the UK.

In particular:

  • We cover news stories that are too specialist for the national newspapers, but are important to those working in the arts
  • We investigate what’s really going on in the sector, holding public bodies to account when necessary
  • We keep arts professionals up to date with changes in areas such as the law and technology, and policies that may affect them
  • We conduct research to reveal attitudes and opinions on issues that challenge the sector
  • We give arts organisations and practitioners a platform to write about their successes and tell others about their experiences
  • We provide a forum in which those with something to say can pass comment on key issues or topical subjects.

A set of guiding principles is at the heart of the magazine:

Integrity. We’re honest, serious-minded and strive for balance
Curiosity. We ask questions, challenge and probe to get the facts
Independence. We stand up for what we believe in and aren’t afraid to raise the issues that others can’t – or don’t
Topicality. We’re about what’s going on now, across the arts and beyond, but we don’t let fashion and trends side-track us
Collaboration. We publish content from a wide range of disciplines both within and beyond the arts, and welcome contributions from outside the sector and beyond the UK, provided they are of interest to arts professionals.

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