What Today’s Graduating Class Wants in an Employer

Published: Apr 02, 2014

Universum, the global Employer Brand Research Firm, released its 2014 rankings of the IDEAL™ Employers in the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday. Based on a survey of more than 46,000 undergraduate students, the IDEAL rankings reveal which employers are most attractive to today’s students and more importantly, why. This year’s research uncovered some interesting trends about how students today are thinking about work.

“As the competition for top talent grows increasingly fierce, it’s more important than ever for employers to be proactive about building brands to attract the right people,” said Melissa Murray Bailey, President – Universum Americas. “Through the survey data, employers can gain insights about the preferences of their target group and leverage that information to build a message that resonates. These rankings celebrate the employers that have made deliberate investments in their employer brand.”


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