Welcome to Gorkana Jobvana

Published: Feb 13, 2014

Here at Gorkana Jobs our mission is to help you find the perfect job opportunity.  The Jobvana blog will be another tool to further that purpose.  We’ll have several sections covering a range of important topics that will aid in your search process, provide valuable tips and try to keep you sane through it all

We know how difficult the job search can be both mentally and emotionally, and we’re aiming to help relieve some of that fatigue and strain with Daily Inspiration. This section will include fun videos, inspiring quotes, fascinating art and a myriad of other content to brighten your day.

In our Career Tips section you’ll find interview best practices, resume writing tips, career planning advice and other tips and tricks.  We’ll also be featuring interviews with HR representatives to give you the inside scoop on what employers think, need and want.

In the Café Iruña you’ll be able to find out from journalists and PR professionals how they got their jobs, their tips for career advancement, their experiences in the job market and other helpful job search bits.  We thought it would be beneficial to share professional wisdom from journalists and PR professionals to give you a leg up in your next position.

Lastly, you can stop by the Student Union for tips specifically geared towards college students and recent graduates on everything from undergrad courses to grad school options to internships and finding that all important first job.

Overall we hope this blog proves a useful tool to job seekers at all levels of their careers.  After all, that’s why we’re here.

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