The Value of a Resume for The Currently Employed

By Perry Newman. Via CareerRealism


According to economic experts the US economy is steadily moving forward, unemployment is moving downward, and they’re predicting an upward swing in business growth and the hiring of new employees at a pace not seen since 2006.

This may explain why in 2014, compared to the last 4-6 years, currently employed job seekers are turning to professional resume writing services at an equal and even higher rate than customers who are currently unemployed.  

Here are reasons I’m hearing from currently employed people I queried on why this is so.

Two reasons I’ve been told are job seekers today are more aware of the reality of how the new talent acquisition process works, and they’re no longer under the misconception that the only time you need a résumé is when you’re an active job seeker. They also understand from friends who are looking for a new job that “when the time comes I can just update the resume I used to get my last job” may have worked well in the past, but it no longer is an option for job seekers in 2014.

I’m told another factor in today’s world is more professionals realize that taking the “better safe than sorry” approach of staying put in a dead end position is no longer viewed as a secure way to go. More and more they’re acknowledging this career positioning posture is toxic and a career killer they may never recover from.

Today 85% of America’s professionals, managers and executives have a job. But from what I’m being told too many of them are in jobs they don’t enjoy or are underemployed or underpaid because they needed a paycheck today when they accepted their present job offer to get back to work. Many in this category now understand they’re approaching their point of diminishing returns and accept that finding a new job is not an option rather it is an imperative. To this end a resume is the prerequisite first step.

Among job seekers age 25-35 they’re telling me they have come to realize that if you deliberately stunt your career growth by allowing yourself to be content and stay where you are for too long, when the time comes to make a move you’re likely to be less qualified than your competition. Although comfortably situated, early to midcareer professionals are learning the value of a strategic career move and that having a resume available on a moment’s notice is a means to that end.

Finally, there is one reason that’s stayed constant over the years. The most successful and career savvy professionals I know understand that every six months or so you grow on the job, learn new skills, gain more experience and have new achievements to speak of. They know the importance of capturing all this on paper on a regular basis lest it be forgotten. They update their resume annually or bi-annually like clockwork because this is something very successful people do.

The bottom line is every professional, whether employed, unemployed or underemployed needs to have a resume that is an up-to-date modern day marketing document available for use at a moment’s notice.

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