The Ultimate LinkedIn Checklist

Published: Mar 25, 2014

LinkedIn has become an essential tool for the job seeker.  Recruiters and employers check linkedIn profiles to see how active you are in your field and how networked you are within that field.  

"With more than 277 million users in 200 countries/territories, 3 million business pages, 2.1 million groups, and 77% of all published jobs, it’s easy to understand why LinkedIn is the #1 social networking site for professionals. Do you also know that it has generated more than 1 billion endorsements and that 48% of recruiters post their jobs on LinkedIn and nowhere else?"

"Utilizing LinkedIn is an imperative for professionals in active or passive job searches, but it’s also critical for those savvy enough to prioritize proactive career management. To help you improve your career prospects in up and down markets, here is the ultimate LinkedIn checklist for job seekers and professionals who want to recession-proof their paychecks:"

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