Is This a Resume-Building Internship…

Published: Apr 11, 2014

Ideally, by now you’ve heard the news –  internships are no longer optional.

Having some professional experience under you when you graduate is necessary to present yourself as a competitive job candidate. There’s no such thing as “just gimme a chance” in a recruiter’s world. They need to hire someone with the necessary skills, who’s ready to start today.

“Ok, so I’ll just go out and get some internships on my resume” you think. Problem solved.

Sure you’ll have experience on your resume. But if your internships are low quality – the stereotypical “coffee and copies” internships – when recruiters read your resume… when you answer questions during the interview… during any one of the steps in the hiring process, you’ll quickly be found out. And if somehow you do get hired and have no real skills, you’ll have a harder time ramping up fast enough to keep that new job.

You don’t want just any internships on your resume. You want real, solid internships that give you the professional experience you’ll need to excel as a young professional. There are several steps you can take ahead of time to gauge the quality of an internship, to see whether it will be an internship you’ll  want on your resume, or a waste of your time.


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