Gorkana Meets…Tanesha Awasthi

Published: Mar 12, 2014

Tell us a bit about your blog, Girl with Curves, and what it covers.

Girl with Curves is my personal style blog offering fashion tips and style advice, as well as makeup how to’s and a peak into my lifestyle on occasion.

Tell us about your blog’s audience. What sort of traffic do you get? What posts and stories have been most popular?

My audience ranges in size and demographic. It appeals to women of all ages and sizes because I preach that all women have curves, no matter what size they are. The most popular articles are definitely the styling how-to posts and beauty tutorials.

You call yourself “a style influencer on a mission.” What inspired you to start Girl with Curves?

My husband suggested I start a blog after seeing me frustrated and bored with my job in the tech industry. I’ve always been obsessed with fashion TV and fashion in general, so he thought the blog would be a good creative outlet. At the time I had no idea what a blog was!

In recent years, body positivity seems to have become not just a fashion philosophy, but part of a whole movement. How do you see yourself as “a leader in the body confidence movement,” as you mention, through your work on Girl with Curves?

Yes, it definitely has become a movement, and I’m happy to be part of it! As the first curvy blogger to have a blog with a mission to help women achieve confidence and positive self-esteem, I’m often considered a leader in the body positivity movement, and I’m greatly honored to have such a title.

What have been some of your favorite style trends, designers, or products to cover? Have you done any notable blog projects with them?

I love working with brands that understand that there’s no need to separate straight-size and plus-size clothing. I also appreciate plus brands that understand that “plus-size” doesn’t mean styleless or ill-fitting. I’ve worked with many of my favorite brands, as well as some new emerging brands to show my audience how to incorporate and style clothing into their existing wardrobes.

I do accept pitches from new brands, and I agree to work with them to introduce their brand to my audience if their clothing or other offerings appeal to my personal style. Working and partnering with brands who have the same mission as I do in helping women is also extremely important to me when deciding if it’s the right content for my blog.

As a new mom (congratulations!), you’ve covered many different approaches to maternity fashion in recent months. What have been some of your favorite maternity looks? What tips would you give to new moms?

The best I can give in finding stylish maternity clothes is to think outside the tradition of “maternity.” The only maternity items I bought throughout my pregnancy were jeans! Everything else was just baby bump friendly, meaning it had stretch to accommodate my growing bump.

As for advice for new moms, I think it’s important to feel like yourself, no matter how exhausted you are. I make an effort to still dress up and feel like myself so I feel good every day.

You’ve recently begun designing your own clothing line. What types of garments and textiles are you working with? What have been your biggest style inspirations for this project?

My line is a reflection of my own personal style, so the clothing is sophisticated, yet feminine and timeless. I’m working with various textiles and can’t wait to share my summer collection!

When you’re not blogging or following new fashion and beauty trends, what other projects occupy your time? What else do you do for fun?

The blog is my lifeline! I love what I do and I’m passionate about staying connected to my readers, but right now I’m enjoying time with my new baby and making time to relax and enjoy life. I also love to cook, and I’m having fun trying new recipes while the baby sleeps on rare occasion!

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