Gorkana Meets...Marcia W. DiStaso, Ph.D.

The thing that gets me up in the morning is...the need to mark things off on my to-do list.

What made me want to get into PR was...learning how to build relationships with customers.

If I could change one thing about the industry it would be...to improve the perception of public relations.

My greatest inspiration is...my children.

The three things I demand in my colleagues...timeliness, congeniality, and fun.

The PR figure I most admire is...some of my colleagues who manage to be amazing in the classroom and in the profession.

I always thought I’d be…a lawyer.

I’m a closet reader of…celebrity gossip.

The most interesting fact about me is...even though I’m comfortable using and teaching about social media, I’m often challenged by technology so don’t ask me to program your clock.

My most prized possession is…my grandmother’s earrings and love notes from my kids The finest moment in my career so far is...winning a Silver Anvil Award of Excellence with my students.

My most embarrassing moment was...walking across a busy street in Tampa.

If I won the Mega Millions I would...travel with my family.

In five years’ time PR will be...more involved in visual storytelling.

My next vacation will be in...Florida visiting family.

What I hope to achieve at the 2013 PRSA International Conference...promoting the Financial Communications section along with connecting with colleagues and friends.

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