Gorkana Meets...James Endicott

The thing that gets me up in the morning is... Sometimes in life you do what you have to do. Other times if you’re fortunate, you get to do what you absolutely love to do. When I started my business I knew I was in my sweet spot and I honestly get up every morning with expectation not dread. Could you want anything more?

My greatest inspiration...comes from close friends and family whose lives were cut far too short. It’s created a sense of urgency in me about making each day count and being more purposeful about those lives I get to touch personally and professionally.

The three things I demand in my colleagues... If I have to demand something, I’m probably hanging out with the wrong folks. With my own team and external professional colleagues, I migrate towards those who have clear focus and passion in their lives. It’s contagious. I’m fortunate to work with and for people that make me better.

I always thought I’d be…working for someone else. In 1998 I was laid off from my employer and used it as an opportunity to start my own business. 15 years later my small company works with Fortune 500 senior executive clients to small business start-ups - from Portland to Boston to Brussels to Abu Dhabi. Who knew?

The one website I always check is...news feeds. I like to stay up on what’s going on in the world.

I’m a closet reader of… The Great American Bathroom Book series… really! I’ve broaden my understanding of history, literature, the arts and sciences… in ways I never imagined. It’s amazing how much knowledge you can amass in 10-minutes every day.

You don’t want to be around me when...I’m seriously multi-taking. My RAM is pretty full and I can miss a lot of reasonable relational cues.

The most interesting fact about me is...I love being “Pa Pa” to my granddaughters. Nothing like going for a walk with Avery and soon Harper. Hopefully grandpa is at least a little interesting to them now… not so sure how I’ll do in 10 years.

My most prized possession is…I guess I try not to hold onto “stuff” too tightly. After a while, it can own you. My most fun possession however is probably my S2000 - It’s therapy on 4 tires.

The finest moment in my career so far is...working with those who have always seen themselves as horrible failures as presenters. After a few hours of personal coaching you can see their shoulders begin to come back, their eyes light up and some of their fear melts away. The thing they’ve dreaded most (presenting) has not conquered them and it can change the trajectory of a life.

My most embarrassing moment was... too many to count. God’s way of keeping me humble.

If I won the Mega Millions I would...immediately set up an account to send my granddaughters through the college of their choice (in 16 years) and pay off the mortgages of dear friends and family. How fun would that be! I’d probably also work 6 months, take 6 months off.

My next vacation will be in...Summer 2014. I will be sailing in the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington State. Nothing like it.

What I hope to achieve at the 2013 PRSA International Conference... meet some great people. Don’t miss my session on Tuesday the 29th.

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