Behind the Headlines with…Ryan Wells

Published: May 15, 2014

My ideal day is…when I feel I made a difference, either large or small, whether at work or personally.

What made me want to get into PR was...the pleasure of a good challenge in building, promoting and maintaining a singular message to the media regardless of audience.

My colleagues would say I’m...enthusiastic and passionate about my work without taking everything too seriously, and all the while with a sense of both humor and purpose.

Five words that describe me...bloody, bold and resolute to paraphrase Shakespeare. And I’d add considerate and reliable to bring it to five.

The PR figure I most admire colleagues. It’s part war room, part Gotham Comedy Club nearly every day. It’s fantastic.

I always thought I’d be…an English professor teaching modernist literature, then the reality of most likely living in my parent’s guest room unable to find a job sunk in and I began to “explore other options” as the saying goes.

I’m at my best when…I have the opportunity to think big and go for something I believe in.

My most prized possession is…my wire fox terrier Jojo who is both a pain and pleasure, though more the latter.

I’m a closet reader of…the Daily Mail.

You don’t want to be around me when...I miss a deadline.

The most interesting fact about me is...I showed horses for my entire adolescence.

If it wasn’t for…YouTube, how else would I be able to watch important historical footage like “Ten Stone Baby (Teased with Chocolate)”, a British Pathe newsreel from 1935.

My favorite PR moment was...getting my mother on the front page of the USA Today a few years back for a national real estate story on her trials and tribulations of trying to sell her house during the economic downturn. Not only did it help her sell the house, but it also got her an admirer from a Texas prison who was serving time for insurance fraud.

My relationship with journalists is...positive, friendly, honest and no b.s. We’re all busy people, and I don’t want to waste their time any more than I want them wasting mine.

My next vacation will be in...Turkey.

What would you like to do more of in PR? Weaving in more analytics into my strategy development.

What one thing do you want to accomplish by the end of 2014? Improve my French, so I can sing the lyrics of Serge Gainsbourg songs that I’ll be strumming on the guitar I need to learn to play this year.

What do you hope will happen today? Getting approvals done in time for an important partnership ceremony in the Middle East.

We have an unusual name. What do you think Gorkana means? It sounds like a warrior from Game of Thrones.

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