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Change to Cision Jobs Internship Policy

Written by: Ashley Richardson
Published on: Apr 12, 2017

As of 17th April 2017 Cision Jobs (formerly Gorkana Jobs) has taken the decision to no longer allow “expenses only” internships to be posted to the site. After taking advice from several experts on the matter we have concluded that in most cases these roles should be paid the minimum wage and as such we want to ensure the people who apply know they will be fairly paid.

 As we cannot adequately moderate the work that the intern will be doing we are going to apply this decision across the board to ALL roles being advertised for interns.

The change to our guidelines means that employers will need to confirm that any internship will be paid:

Internships are a valuable experience for young people and expecting them to work for less than minimum wage could potentially exclude excellent candidates who cannot afford to work for free. At Gorkana Jobs we want to support young people in finding the best roles to enhance their career and we hope this step will allow them to do so.


If you have any questions or enquiries about this please contact