Published: Apr 30, 2014

A little bit of tough love for your Monday.  While this may come across as harsh, please do remember that the key word is love.  I love you, I really love you.

Let’s jump into it, shall we?

5 Things Recruiters Hate About Job Seekers

1. The Run Around: It’s their job to call or email and it’s your job to pick up or get back to them quickly.

Don’t make them wait.

There are no games in your job search.  Don’t wait two days to get back to them.  They’ve moved on by then.  Your old news.  You’re like an expired coupon to them.  Don’t make them wait.  There’s someone more urgent out there starting a fire in their pants, while you’re busy making excuses.

2. Lack of Excitement: What do you really want to do?  If you don’t sound convinced that you want the job we have open, then we aren’t convinced you’re for us. Get excited.  Get mothaaaaafuhhhkin excited.

3. Missing Interviews: I believe Marshall Mathers said it best, “This opportunity comes once in a lifetime, yo”.  If you miss the first interview, the recruiter looks like dog shit.  They may give you another interview out of kindness if you have a stellar excuse, but you won’t be their favorite person in the world, yo.

4. Unreadable Resumes: Don’t force everything on one page.  You can go to page two.  Computers are fantastic.  They help recruiters scroll down to page 2 of your resume within seconds.  Whoever told you that resumes should only be one page must be 95 years old and is afraid the carrier pigeon won’t fit both pages in it’s bird mouth.

5. Sense of Entitlement: You deserve to be heard…if you are qualified.  A ton of job seekers feel they are qualified when they aren’t.  Not everyone deserves a phone call.  It would be nice if all companies got back to everyone, but that’s not the world we live in.  It’s sad.  Move on to the next company if you don’t hear back.  It happens more than anyone wants, but again, it’s just the way the world works these days.


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